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My gallery full of my art from the newest to the horrible art in my gallery from when I first joined :iconuhuhuhuplz: Please enjoy and if you like it, feel free to :+fav: it~:heart:

Commission Info

Work For Points "Stamp" by Nessarie

YOU HAVE TO PAY ME FIRST IN ORDER FOR ME TO START THE COMMISSION! I will note you when the commission is done and you will get your commission :D
You can donate, gift, or use the commission widget to give me your payment.

I DO Draw:
Girls and Guys
Lacy, ruffly, pretty type outfits and dresses
Animal ears and features
Feminine guys
gore and horror
I DON'T Draw:
Yaoi or Yuri
Ecchi or Hentai
Muscular people
Old people

Status bars: 'Unpaid' Bar by StampMakerLKJ 'Paid' bar by StampMakerLKJ Progress: Pink Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designMexican Spanish Language Level - Beginner by WingsUnchainedKoreaLanguage Level stamp2 by Faeth-design(Beginner) Sign Language Level Stamp by ImakoMuttFrench 3 by Faeth-design
learning other languages stamp by DejiNyucu
I teach myself Japanese, I take a Spanish class, I am teaching myself Korean, I was in a sign language club, and I will be learning French with my mom C: I can speak some Spanish and I can reply in Japanese (a bit in hirigana)

Mi Espaņol es muy terrible ;_; triste...


Pixel Room and Character
Workdesk WIP (ANIMATED! CLICK IT~!) by PhoenixMagician
This was quite hard to do so this is pretty expensive... It can come with characters (first two are free) and it will be animated simply or with more detail (cost depends on difficulty)

Full Featured Traditional Drawings
Alice in Wonderland by PhoenixMagician
B-Day Gift to my Onee-Chan by PhoenixMagician
Time and Time Again by PhoenixMagician
Queen of Chess by PhoenixMagician
My Other Half by PhoenixMagician
These will have simple backgrounds and a character in the picture. I can add another person for 20 points more. These can also have boarders (like the first one)
Couple Drawings
Maple and Daisy by PhoenixMagician
Brofist by PhoenixMagician
CE: V-Chan by PhoenixMagician
Phoenix and Tofu by PhoenixMagician
Got a couple you want drawn? I can draw up any couple :D (I will not take any romantic couple commissions (such as kissing and sexual content...)) This is if you'd like a more romantic picture done :iconblushplz:
Traditional Chibis
Final design of Thorn by PhoenixMagician
Ms. Kitty by PhoenixMagician
CP: Mordecai by PhoenixMagician
Colorful Tofu by PhoenixMagician
As seen above these are invisible back grounded and are outlined (That's if you want it to be...) commission me if you would like one :heart: Add a character, add 20 points
Super Chibis
Super Chibi Style by PhoenixMagician
Story Chibis by PhoenixMagician
Will come with a background with the chibi (please tell me your desired background) Add a chibi, add 20 points.
Small Pixel dolls
Pixel ex. 1 by PhoenixMagician
AT- Miyuki by PhoenixMagician
PC: Pixel Chibi by PhoenixMagician
Should I call them chibis? :3 This is something to help me practice doing my pixel art ^,^/)
The size will depend on how big you'd like it.
Alice in Wonderland (Lineart) by PhoenixMagician
Skully (Lineart) by PhoenixMagician
For any lineart
Custom Icons
Fancy Free Icon by PhoenixMagician
Izzy - special icon for 96koon96 by PhoenixMagician
Sea Girl Free Icon by PhoenixMagician
Potato icon by PhoenixMagician
Ribbons- Custom Icon for me by PhoenixMagician
Ciel by PhoenixMagician

The icons are animated and will wink. You can also have something like my friend's icon (the blond one). You can have a headshot or a full-body icon. 

Send me a note if your interested~! You have to pay half the points up front, and when I'm finished, the rest. I only take points for the time being! x3

Meh box

Husbunda & Waifu: :iconphoenixmagician::iconcommand-ops:

People who I know in real life: :iconvanillaa-wafer::iconxxanimelover1985xx::iconterryrush::icon96koon96:

I found an old poem I wrote >w< This is Maple's poem :D
You are a leech, a flea that feeds off of others like a parasite.
You make my life miserable, practically unlivable.
You, my friend, are worthless.
You cause people to hate me, when there is no reason to hate.
You cause needless drama, when you know I hate it.
You, my friend, are a hater.
You only worry about you, but what about me?
You must not care about me, heh, like I care.
You, my friend, are a needless being in my life.
You wish that one day I might disappear, why, did I do something wrong?
You are selfish and bossy, that’s why you only have me.
You my friend, will never survive without me.
You know the truth, so why don’t you own up to it?
You can’t, you’re a leech, a flea that feeds off of others.
That’s why I’m gone, and you are alone.


[Stamp] Gratitude by CreepiestI appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassinDo Not Thank Me by SedmaThank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123Reply Comments Stamp by Mirz123Fav stamp by Marius-CrebI love repeat visitors by HarmonicSonicThe Log-out Stamp by BusirisBack under your bridge, troll by HarmonicSonic


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5:30 pm
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:iconmikiyagami: :iconsaccstry: :iconccsapaisalorraine: :icontamtam98cat: :iconcommand-ops: :icondrakolance-senpai: :icon96koon96: :iconliubavaart: :iconkawaii-onigiri-chan: :iconbakacheeseotaku: :iconwolf-chanookami: :iconichigo-chan313: :iconkanamegirl60: :iconxxanimelover1985xx: :iconterryrush: :iconchibiammy26: :iconharuno5: :iconmiisora-chan: :iconvanillaa-wafer:

Art Trades Open!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 4:15 AM

I should have updated this earlier... >~< Hiya! As the title says my ATs are open again! The same rules apply as a commission, if you'd like to do one with me please read my commission list on my page. I'm only doing one character per person though because I am busy! (I have Saturday school for a couple Saturdays because of all the snowdays we had......)
I only will draw things in my style, sorry, I don't like copying styles. Just to note I have TERRIBLE MEMORY so please remind me if your AT never arrives (usually will though)
If you'd like to do an Art Trade with me, please NOTE ME! Thank you very much! Happy trading~!

  • Mood: Zest

Welcome you visitor you!

Astrology Series - Sagittarius by feiyan
(I've been a Vegetarian since I was born... ^_^')
Yes, I am vegetarian... by wodka-companyIntelligent Vegetarian Stamp by Clockwerk-chanVegetarian Stamp by CrazedteensieofdoomLolita fashion -Victorian- by Tea-StrawberryLolita fashion -Gothic- by Tea-StrawberryLolita fashion -Classic- by Tea-Strawberry
Stamp : I'm In Love... by NylakCharacter Stamp by ArpieSelf-Taught Stamp by In-The-Machine
I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunkWarning, Sarcasm user-Stamp by DinoclawsDirty Mind Stamp by WetWithRain
Welcome to my new Deviantart page!
Nickname: 不死鳥 Fushichou. or Phoenix. Full nickname is Phoenix Magician. My OC Phoenix is my persona~

Age: 15 「1998年 011月 25日」 Freshman in Highschool

Live: Somewhere in Michigan :3 On a farm with a chicken, goat, and other pets.

Look Like...?: I look a whole lot like Phoenix if you were wondering...

Weird facts: I have a deep voice (especially on recording >.<) along with incredibly thick hair (it's very, VERY thick) I don't usually dress up, anytime Cx I have a creepy art addiction >u>

Future Dream: To be a toxicologist or pediatrician, Seiyuu, and Manga-ka! :heart: To master Japanese and to live on Hokkaido near Sapporo~!

Likes: Anything Medical Related, bishounens, YANDERE BISHOUNENES (Toma:heart:), Lolita outfits, drawing, writing, blue, hoodies, food, cats, Japanese metal and rock, gel pens, BASKETBALL:heart:, and Victorian houses.

Dislikes: Meat and Dairy Products, annoying things, people with too much confidence, people in general, pompous tooshies, shopping, being normal, MATH (yuck!), Heeled shoes, any sport that involves a ball and a stick, and acting my age (I act so much older than my peers >~<)

About me:
I'm 5'6 or 5'7... I am 15 years old, and I love to draw, write, and be weird. I have to say that I am a big fan of shounen and sometimes shoujo manga~ I LOVE Visual Kei bands! All the pretty boys... O.O I love Japanese stuff, and anything related to japan. For some weird reason, most of the Japanese I know is dirty... I can write almost all of the hiragana alphabet by memory and I know a little bit of katakana...
Vegetarian, Love anime and Manga, and I love cats!
I love to draw and am working on writing my own manga, I hope to publish it one day!

:bulletblack:Art status button by XipakoArt status button by XipakoArt status button by Xipako:bulletblack:Art status button by Xipako
:bulletblack:Art status button by XipakoArt status button by Xipako:bulletblack:

Kiseki No Sedai (Kuroko no Basket) stamp by CrazeehDinaStamp Kuroko No Basket by XxAjisai-GraphicxXStamp - Kuroko No Basket 04 by Kaki-GraphicsStamp Kuroko No Basket by XxAjisai-GraphicxXStamp - Kuroko No Basket 03 by Kaki-Graphics
(Closet basketball player and lover :heart:)

Four and a half years (Alto) Saxophone, half a year French Horn, and soon to be Cello player~:heart:
I Play Saxophone by CosmoNo1French Horn Stamp by P-l-X-E-LI Play Cello by CosmoNo1

Things that apply to me


What do you use to draw!? Well...
Stamp - Mouse User by firstfearStamp - Pencil+Paper User by firstfearStamp - Tablet User by firstfear
Stamp - Gimp User by firstfearStamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfearStamp - MSPaint User by firstfear

My birthday badge

What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
Hosted By Anime
How Mature Do You Think?
How Mature Do You Think?
Hosted By Anime
What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
Hosted By Anime
Flag Counter

My Babu Toma >//3//< Toma stamp by flowerangel050Amnesia Stamp: Toma by wow1076
I love Ukyo too! Ukyo stamp by noctua-nigrum..:: AMNESIA Stamp ::.. by Floryblue12



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pigsUSA85 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave:iconohjoyplz:!!
Nes-chan Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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PhoenixMagician Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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CCSapaisaLorraine Mar 29, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Hey! I noticed you're a beginner in Spanish! I'm learning too! And I'm teaching myself Japanese as well. I was wondering if maybe you could help me a little bit with it?

And thank you for the llama!
PhoenixMagician Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a problem~! 
Both are great languages :D The way I taught myself Japanese through some of these cites >…,, and…
The first thing I'd do is learn how to write Katakana or Hiragana (Katakana is easier) you would probably see more Hiragana though... Kanji is it's own thing, learn that LAST! Once you can read Japanese it becomes a lot easier to learn :D
A thing to remember is that Japanese has causal, proper, and super-proper language... watch out for those (they usually mark polite and casual). 
One example is Chotto Matte Kudasai and Chotto Matte (hope I spelled that right ;u; ) both mean wait a moment, one moment but chotto matte kudasai is more polite. Depending on how you say it Chotto matte can mean Wait a minute! or Wait a **** second! O.O
It's awesome to see another person who wants to learn more languages~! Japanese may be difficult but keep at it! The internet can really help C: Not all internet Japanese is correct though...
I hope this helped a bit! がんばって!Good luck!
If you ever need any help, feel free to ask! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] :iconyuiglompplz:

CCSapaisaLorraine Mar 29, 2014  New member Student General Artist
ありがとう ございます! I feel happy knowing that someone else knows a bit more than I am when it comes to languages.
CCSapaisaLorraine Mar 29, 2014  New member Student General Artist
ありがとう ございまづ! it's great to hear that there's someone else that's learned!
PhoenixMagician Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ohmyglob  I feel the same way! xD Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Yay Hurray) [V2] 
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That's my job Icon - 055 Jian  xDDDDD
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*you're woopsie xC
Thanks for the Fave!
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